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Exposed: Justin Bieber’s new nickname for Sofia Richie?

I was planning on posting my Little Mix Get Weird review first tonight the originally planned but once again Justin be consuming my time and ruining my posting schedule as usual. Little Mix stans, you will be getting the review after this post goes up because my readers are attacking me on twitter and telling me to hurry up and post due to the just released photos. 

Earlier on Twitter, I posted the following and then signed off.


Fast forward a couple hours later, and the following pictures are released.



While you’re all having meltdowns on twitter, this was literally me looking at those photos. 


To why you’re all having meltdowns on Twitter is confusing. Justin been hoeing it up since his debut. I mean


I will agree that the Jofia photos are a little bit more, but this is not the first time we get photos like this …. I mean at least they’re both of age. 

Before I tell you the new info, let me summarize what we told you so far. 

We told you in our last Jofia post that a mutual friend from Jelena’s camp (mainly Selena’s friend) hooked up Sofia and Justin. We told you there was the no PR going on with them and there was no official business deal. We told you that Sofia is enjoying the attention she’s been getting lately. We assumed that since Selena got her into Justin’s life, Sofia is reporting back to Selena with information on Justin’s life like Alfredo is, but that’s just an assumption. Yes, Selena will not rest. Why did Selena get a mutual friend to hook them up together? To ruin what Justin originally had with Hailey because they were very serious at one point. Selena commenting whatever she did on his instagram was planned because Sofia was supposed to get Justin to post multiple photos of them on Instagram to give Selena a reason to comment what she did. Hailey is hurt even though BOTH her and Justin agreed not to call a title on their relationship before he went on tour, but Justin is an idiot anyways so what’s new. We also said that Justin is getting played and watch this come back to bite him in the ass. 


Woo that was a lot to take in! 

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The summed up version of those posts is in this 3 minute video. 


Time for new info! So earlier today, my source told me two things. 

Justin is now referring to Sofia as “wifey.”


And Justin likes to joke about how he has a new girl every couple of weeks. 

So yeah… 

Now look, Justin is annoying and all and the much as I love dragging him, what he is doing is typical celebrity behavior. Justin likes to hoe it up and you joking about how he has a new girl every week does not bother him and he will agree with you hence him saying that. You all know my feelings on Justin and Hailey and how I believe he did her wrong regardless of agreeing not to title their relationship. What Justin is doing is usual behavior for a 22 year old. He was devoted to Selena and Selena only for many years at such a young age so it’s not surprising to see him like this considering that these are not the first PDA filled photos we have received of Justin. 

Sofia on the other hand is someone you shouldn’t trust and you should expect new things leaked on Justin once she’s dropped because in his words, he has a “new girl every couple of weeks.” And Sofia also enjoys taking other girls’ men so she’ll probably have a new arm accessory. 

And like I said, Sofia is loving the attention and loves posting all of this to get more people talking about her. 


At least they waited until she turned 18 ….. I mean he could enjoy his new cool girl all he wants but when he suffers another scandal, I wanna see him complaining about privacy when he’s the one who lets everyone into his life then comes and moans about it later. 


Do I think they’ll officially date? Hm ….. no. Justin is unpredictable but at the same predictable. I do not think he’s looking for anything serious. He’s just dumb and a hoe. He sleeps around, what else do you want me to say. 

As for Selena? Well her not being on Twitter currently is because she’s trying to get away from all the negative attention even though she originally brought it upon herself by including herself in Justin’s drama. 


But good for her I guess. I do not think she’ll be able to stay away too long though. 

To summarize:

  • Justin likes his casual sex
  • He jokes about how he has a new girl every couple of weeks
  • He’s calling Sofia wifey
  • Sofia is loving attention
  • They’re both messy but typical celebrity behavior 

Messages between my source and I:


Try to ignore this drama because trust me, it does not bother anyone but you guys. 

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