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Selena Gomez doesn’t want to see our bodies, but here she is posing in a thong. More on Selena’s upcoming image.

Either she’s hypocritical or very… fake. 


That picture surfaced today. 

I’m not one to body shame or hate on someone for posing naked so don’t take what I’m about to say as if it’s some hateful reach. 

In November 2016, Selena gave some bullshit feel-bad-for-me speech at the 2016 AMAs and everyone was like lowkey feeling bad for her because she claims to have conquered “lupus” or whatever. The exposingsmg team of course was like haha no so fast. 


Not because we want to be hateful, but because we can see right through it all and we already knew about her team’s beforehand plan to make her look all inspirational and innocent, as if she wasn’t just being immature on Justin Bieber’s instagram not too long ago. 

Don’t get me wrong, Selena has been through things like depression, addiction, and whatnot, but I just don’t like fake acts. 

Whatever, moving on!

During her speech she says this:


And automatically I’m like… sis aren’t you winning a (bought) award for an album where you’re hm… POSING NAKED? 


But everyone was like “oh that was the year before, she changed!” 

Here we are in 2017 though. 


I just find it hypocritical and it just shows how transparent her feel-bad-for-me pity speech was. 

Also, her fans are beyond hypocritical when it comes to Selena because they continuously hate and slut-shame other stars for posing the way Selena just did, but it’s okay when Selena does. They even tried to say Hailey Baldwin looks like she was in a porno for modeling; in more clothes than Selena is wearing btw! Whatever. They’re delusional just like their fave. We know that. 

But let me fill you in on her team’s new image approach. If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know what we’re going to say since I posted about it earlier today. 

Ever since Selena and The Weeknd’s new PR photos surfaced yesterday, Selena’s kiddy fans and the confused general public, thought that Abel’s lyric “ass like Selena” in his song Party Monster, meant this Selena. 


There’s no ass there. 

He means the legendary Selena Quintanilla. 



But yet everyone was bringing Gomez into this because they may not know Selena Q since they’re not for that generation. 

The reason that photo was ironically posted today is to fuel up more rumors about that lyric and overall just snatch more headlines. 

The point is, Selena’s team is taking a new approach with her image. 

You see, they’re going to want her to branch in a more adult way. They’re going to keep playing the sexy card because it’s not like they can play the vocals card. The exposure she will get from The Weeknd will help solidify her even more adult and grown up look since he’s very explicit and that’s the look Selena’s team is going for this era. The Revival era was more cute… well at least is going to see more cute. This era is going to up the cuteness to full on adult and explicitness. The Weeknd brings that to her because that’s what his image is. Her exposure to his audience will match the look her team is trying to go for. Selena will be trying to have her own Bangerz era without all the crazy & fun part. Just sexy and adult. Goodbye kiddy fans, I guess.


Let’s see how this will unfold. 






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