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Selena Gomez ends her defender: TSR. ExposingSMG still remains strong.

For those of you confused on all the whole situation, I’m here to clarify everything. 


Selena commented the following on that picture.


Who is TSR? I’ll fill you in. 

There are two people you have to be aware of and it’s not shocking if you don’t know who they are because they’re irrelevant liars.

JC = Jelenacrusin. Our nickname for them is: cruisinwithphotoshop

TSR = TheStoryRares. Our nickname for them is: TheOutDatedRares

TSR is not TheShadeRoom, my good friends.

There’s a valid reason for those nicknames, but I’m too tired to explain. I won’t go into any detail if I already made a post about something so read the posts that will be linked. 

Once upon a time, there was SelenaExposed. Everything about here is explained here:

SelenaExposed pissed off a lot of people which resulted in a couple of people with their sole reason to end her. Yes, that was their reason on social media. To get rid of SelenaExposed; not to give you rares/videos. Somewhere along the lines, those things made CruisinWithPhotoshop and TheOutDatedRares. 

Those two dedicated fans of ours hosted two “Tea Parties” for us with an attempt to expose us. They failed and their tea was stale as fuck. 

The first tea party, we ignored it because it wasn’t even a party. It was an embarrassing moment on stan twitter where once again, Selenators couldn’t expose us. The second time, we came at them.. hard.

Then a couple of months later, Justin and Selena had their little Instagram fight. Post on that here:

JC and TSR were so triggered by Justin exposing Selena on Instagram and telling her she used him for fame, they wanted to come after Justin. They started making up a bunch of bullshit lies, releasing some blurry ass irrelevant text messages, bringing Kourtney Kardashian into this Jelena mess, and overall, no one knew what they were talking about. 

Everybody was like..

Now the exposingSMG team’s sources, specifically said “Pipe down before Team Bieber ends you.

And of course by now we should all know the ExposingSMG team is the winning team, and guess what? Team Bieber ended them. What that means is that they got deleted off of Twitter.

Now Selenators were all mad and pressed because their faves, TSR and JC were deleted but ExposingSMG only continued to rise.

Ever since then, they’ve been more irrelevant than they usually are. I never kept up with them nor did I read their Tea Parties that they hosted for me, because again, stale as fuck. And you know their tea was stale as fuck when the person it’s written about (me), wasn’t even trying to give it a read!

Fast forward to April 22, 2016 and Selenators hosts a reporting party for us on Twitter in attempt to get us off Twitter. It was hosted by the following lovely rat, who we were going to end, but our presence is more than enough to end her. 

It fails.

It is April 25 and we are still here.

On April 25, 2017, Selena then dug the grave for TSR which was already almost dug from when we ended them back in August 2016.

Tea anyone?


Check out our Twitter thread when we exposed them:

We didn’t expose them completely. We still have more info. An exposer never pulls out all the info all out once, my dear readers. 

Anyways, TSR is trying to continue with this charade and posts the following tweets. 


Username is blocked out because ExposingSMG doesn’t give out free promo. However TSR, I know you are reading this, paid promotion is offered.

“We’re texting now to resolve any issues.” LMAO yeah because Selena is currently texting you/knows you personally, even though she just dug your grave on Instagram.


Now Selenators/other stans are questioning why Selena doesn’t end us. 

Selena knows and is well aware of the reasons behind why she shouldn’t try with ExposingSMG. First of all, our sources already withhold way too much information about her. Second of all, we play nice and we also play LEGALLY. Third of all, getting rid of ExposingSMG will only harm Selena. What’s worse? Sources speaking/venting to a popular blog on stan twitter, or upset sources going public? You decide. 

On top of that, there is such a thing as backup blogs. Several of them. What’s worse? One version of ExposingSMG or 10? You decide. 

And why did Selena come for TSR to begin with? Well hacking iClouds and continuously releasing private pictures/videos that are unnecessary, are illegal and an invasion of privacy. Like I said, we play nice. 

The moral of the story is, ExposingSMG is iconic and truthful. We don’t spit lies therefore we don’t exposed nor do we get deleted. We don’t do anything illegal. We don’t harass anyone. We simply expose information that is told to us by reliable sources. 

With that being said, hello TSR and JC. How’s Snoop and the other crew?

And hi Selena. Good job today. You did well. We’ll save you this week and reschedule our Abelena exposed. 








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