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Exposed: Why did Justin Bieber not attend the 2017 AMAs?

It’s not new for Justin to no longer attend award shows. But there is always underlying reasons. In other situations, there are always underlying people who feed into these reasons. We are here to tell you everything. 


Since it’s late and I’m not in the mood to ramble on like I usually do, expect this post to be short and straight to the point. 

Justin dislikes award shows. Justin has disliked award shows more after he had his downfall and saw the dark side of the industry. By dark side, I mean the business side. He knows that award shows are rigged. He knows it’s run by fake people. He knows that people like to act fake at award shows. He just sees it as some big rigged and fake show to celebrate things that are not worth anything anymore. That was his big realization during his career. 


So it is not shocking that Justin does not attend as many award shows as he used to. 

However, there are times that he will show up and walk the red carpet. 

The 2017 AMAs were not one of those times. 

And even though Justin generally chooses not to attend award shows, a little birdie who is in his life now, impacted his decision. 

We knew Justin was not coming because my source said that he did not have any stylist arrangements set up. She also said that there could have been a small possibility for him to show up, but that was highly unlikely. 


My source says that Justin is on this “media cleanse” which basically means he’s trying to stay out of the headlines and out of popular events. 

Since he loves staying out of the headlines so much, the ExposingSMG team suggests a Selena cleanse since she loves staying in the headlines. 


Miss Selena Gomez gave Justin her two cents and suggested that his media cleanse is a good idea and that Justin should in fact NOT come to the AMAs. 

Selena’s team definitely wanted Justin there because the amount of drama that Jeelna would have caused, would have made them stay talked about for WEEKS! 

The AMA committee thought they were coming because they kept throwing throwbacks of Justin and Selena at the 2011 AMAs, on their social media platforms. 


So how come Selena agreed with Justin on this media cleanse? 

Ah yes. 

She did not want to share the spotlight. 


This has always been a problem for Jelena. 

Selena has always wanted and craved more fame. Justin’s fame. Hence Justin’s song: She Don’t Like The Lights. We deciphered the meaning behind that song here:


We exposed in the parent contract that Justin was supposed to retire and get married to Selena and both of them live off his wealth. So that’s what he’s saying by saying “She said if I loved her, I’d give it up won’t think twice.”


There was always some story behind that tweet. 

“I can’t do that” He didn’t retire. 

Many think that She Don’t Like The Lights was about Selena not wanting the fame. No. Selena just didn’t want Justin to have all the fame hence the following lyrics. 


Now don’t twist my words and say I blame him not coming on Selena. I wrote paragraphs earlier in this post telling you how he generally would not attend award shows. I am just telling you that Selena agreed with his decision not to come and WHY she agreed. 

So instead of Selena persuading him to come, she said no, don’t come, keep going on with your media cleanse. Why? She did not want to share the spotlight with him tonight. She wanted it on her because she was performing and she hates that people tell her she’s known for Justin. 


This is also the reason why she did not attend the 2017 Grammys with Abel. She would look stupid attending because she was not presenting, performing, nor was she nominated, unlike Abel who was nominated and who was performing. 

It was kind of the same thing here except quite the opposite. She was performing and did not want her shine crowded up with Jelena drama because she “don’t wanna share with no one else.”

Understand? Great.

No? Oh well. 

I personally think it’s a good idea he did not come. It’s not like Jelena would have made any impact tonight with BTS crowding up the AMAs hashtag. 

And no I don’t blame Selena for him not coming because I understand where she is coming from too. 

Also, he did the following. 


I personally think it’s because this is typical Justin behavior. He will do this to get drama started. So much for being on a media cleanse, Dumbstin. 

Here is the message between my source and I. Note that she sent in the message at 6:58, aka before the show started. 


And here is the same screenshot but from my computer instead of my phone. 


The end. Goodnight! 






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