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Shawn and Camila are Slobbering on Each Other in the Most Cringy Video Ever Made (Watch)

Shawn and Camila are Slobbering on Each Other in the Most Cringy Video Ever Made (Watch)

I just have no words.

And just like I have no words, Shawn and Camila don’t have any respect.

For themselves.

And for our eyes.

If you haven’t heard by now, Shawmila was seen slobbering over each other in a video that Shawn posted as another one of their PR tactics.


No one:


As soon as I upload my post about how Shawmila is the perfect PR, Shawn posts that video on Instagram, that I just linked above.

I explained in that post that Shawmila is the perfect PR in the sense that they get the outcome that a PR is supposed to get. On top of that, they have followed the PR rules to the textbook detail. The way this PR is running, is like GENERIC HOLLYWOOD TEXTBOOK STEPS.

Yes yes I know, I should stop clowning and post the damn “PR 101” post already.

So I already explained the steps in this beautifully cultivated PR in that post which I just linked. Now I am just going to add onto it.

Camila released two songs: Shameless and Liar.


By the way, Shameless… excellent. I personally would not like a song like this, but the emotion that is evoked is actually amazing. Just know that it took a lot out of me for me to admit that.


As I already told you in the previous Shawmila post, the day she released those two songs, she performed with Shawn on his stadium tour.


Also, I had no idea Shawn was on a stadium tour? Sweetest boy.. but very boring.

So the night that this gross video is uploaded… is also the same night that Camila drops the music video for “Liar.”

I mean come on.. there’s nothing slick about this PR.

As soon as I saw the video on my Twitter timeline, I called Alana and I was like come look at this mess. And she said “where was this posted?” And I said, “I think I just saw someone say on Instagram” in which Alana led with “Definitely on Shawn’s Instagram, right?”

And indeed it was.


When it comes to PRs, the guy is often more famous, unless you’re like Taylor Swift. So when the duo pulls clownery, it will most likely be the guy that they’re using. Same shit happened with Jelena when Justin Bieber was forced to post Jelena pictures every time Selena Gomez had a song to promote.

Because Alana and I know the industry so well, it didn’t take us long to know that it was Shawn who posted the video and not Camila.

On top of that, Camila has an era to promote so her team is pushing for the promotion riding off of Shawn’s name which is attached with drama, but at the same time not clouding Camila’s social medias with Shawmila things because they want to promote Camila. This is also why Camila was out scream tweeting about “Liar” being out while everyone was like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT VIDEO?


To add on to more embarrassment which I keep thinking can’t be topped, yet they keep proving me wrong, that video of them drooling on each other was filmed over a month in advance! I mean come on.

Same outfit!

Same hairstyle!

Same accessories, minus the glasses!

And their lying asses got the video tagged in “Mexico” as if they’re currently there when the video is a MONTH OLD!!


I don’t even stan either of them, but I’m tired.

Anyways, that’s it for this post. It wasn’t on our main schedule, but we’ll see you on the 14th for the huge Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth EXPOSED post. This one is juicy.


In the meantime, comment down below what you think about Shawmila’s shenanigans? Remember, you can comment anonymously so go ahead and take advantage of that.

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