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This was so highly requested and I’m so sorry it took so long. But here’s the awaited Glory Days review with a breakdown of all the songs and more!


I recently became a fan of Little Mix sometime last year after everyone urged me to review Get Weird. You can check out that review here:

I was so shook, I automatically stanned, bought the album, and then went ahead and bought the two albums before that, DNA and Salute. 

Let’s start!



1. Shout Out To My Ex

This is one of the fiercest, biggest clapbacks, pop perfection, I have heard in a very long time. It’s so catchy. It makes you want to punch your douchey ex. And overall, it’s a great feel good song. You feel confident and hella awesome while listening to it. The verses are my favorite. I adore how the chorus is an actual chorus as a opposed to a recycled beat with the same two words repeated as we see in most pop songs nowadays. Excellent lead single choice. 

I hope she gettin better sex. I hope she ain’t fakin it like I did 


2. Touch

Touch is one of those pop songs that are so good that you keep listening to it and you don’t get tired of. Touch is THAT pop song that I would like to hear on the radio and it isn’t utter bullshit with a recycled dance beat like the usual mainstream crap. It’s so sexy and it got a poppin BEAT like it really makes you want to dance. Overall, it’s an excellent pop song. It’s so bright and happy.

photograph with no t-shirt on. why you makin me wait so long???


3. F.U. 

I can’t explain how excellent this song is. First of all, the entire melody puts you in an 80s/90s mood. Second of all, the lyrics are about a dirty cheater and it automatically reminds me of those memes that say “on my way to my husband’s funeral after I secretly murdered him.” I don’t know why, but it just does. The lyrics also hint an abusive relationship. It’s such a classy tune but the lyrics are dragging your ass. I love it!

you’re dirty, disgusting, but i cant get nough of ur lovin!


4. Oops feat. Charlie Puth

This is a very cute and bright song. I adore the melody and the beat. It’s like if someone else sang this song, they’d turn it into bubblegum trash but Little Mix just turn it into pop excellence. It’s very catchy and Charlie adds a nice touch to it. He fits the song. 


5. You Gotta Not

The lyrics of this song are like very childish in a way and it seems like a Disney song made for 8 year olds but for some odd reason, I like it. The beat is poppin and the lyrics are actually very fun. I see myself jammin out to this song with friends. It’s okay to have that occasional fun and “childish-like” song. 

6. Down & Dirty

This song gives me some serious Rihanna type vibes back when she was making continuous bops. Also, the lyrics are like very badass and the beat is so good. Plus the beat drop is even better! By now you should know I don’t like recycled “EDM” type beat drops but the chorus of this song gives me a futuristic type feel. I love it. 


7. Power

YOU GUYS REALLY WEREN’T GOING TO WARN ME ABOUT PERRIE’S HIGH NOTE 16 SECONDS INTO THE SONG???? This song is so so so so good I can’t believe it exists. And the lyrics are so good too. “You’re the man but I got the power” like yes bitch tell em! It’s so fierce. It’s so sassy. 

motorbike motorbike motorbike motorbike motorbike BIKE BIKE BIKE WHOOOOP


8. Your Love

This song starts off very soft with a simple beat in the background. Jade and Jesy then carry the first two parts and then lead the song into a poppin chorus that makes me feel like I’m on a huge tumba drum dancing for my man. It’s a cute song. It tends to get stuck in my head whenever I hear it. Overall, the song is a feel good song that would be playing on the beach while I’m having a bonfire with the exposingsmg team and planning who to include in the next Tell Alls.


9. Nobody Like You

Let me tell you all something. This song is Little Mix’s best ballad. This is a FACT. The harmonies and the way all their voices match together is beyond beautiful. The lyrics are so touching and it has so much impact on me that I can cry to this song when I have nothing to be sad about. That’s power. 


10. No More Sad Songs

What is it with Little Mix and their continuous saving of pop music? This song is literally POP PERFECTION. It’s so catchy. It’s fun. The lyrics are lowkey depressing, but the beat is poppin. It’s a post breakup song where you realize your worth and forget your ex. 



11. Private Show

This song is lowkey a headache but I highkey BOP to it when I’m walking down the street feeling like hot shit because that’s who I am. It’s such a hoe anthem and I love it! It’s so catchy, sexy, and Little Mix truly did THAT. 


12. Nothing Else Matters

This song is one I usually skip. It’s cute, but forgettable. The chorus sounds like a One Direction reject. I do like that the chorus isn’t repetitive and it actually has lyrics, but this song is just not my cup of tea. 

13. Beep Beep

This is another hoe anthem that I live for! It gives me 2009 PCD vibes and I love it. It’s a fun and sexy song. They bleep out “dick” with a horn. They bleep out “fuck” with a laser type sound. There are uh-uh-uhs throughout the song and they even moan in harmony. The chorus is catchy. 


14. Freak

This song starts off so badass. I love the lyrics so much. It basically shows two sides of a girl: the one you want your mother to meet and the one who’s a freak. Lit!  It’s such a fierce and confident sound. Like how do you listen to this song and not feel like you’re the baddest bitch? 



15. Touch - Acoustic

You guys already know I adore Touch and I think it’s a pop banger even though my sister Alana, doesn’t think so. This version is also as amazing as the original.

16. Touch feat. Kid Ink

Kid Ink’s rap is the most annoying thing I’ve heard. His lyrics are very mainstream and generic and he lowkey sounds like he’s been sucking in some helium from a balloon. Let’s pretend he doesn’t feature on it. 

17. No More Sad Songs feat. MGK

Unlike Kid Ink, MGK actually added a great touch to this song. His rap is catchy and it actually fits the song. He sounds good. The girls’ “ah” in the background of his rap is the cherry on top. It’s a yes from me. 


Writing Credits

Little Mix wrote 3 out 15 songs on Glory Days. 


Hm. This is unusual for Little Mix since I checked their previous writing credits and they usually co-write nearly every song. I assume this sudden change in habit has to most likely deal with them being rushed into the production and release of Glory Days right after Get Weird due to contract purposes. 

Anyways, at least their writers didn’t write generic recycled pop songs. 

Lead Single Performance


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Little Mix are truly one of the greatest performers today. This performance of Shout Out To My Ex shook me so hard and made me so appreciative that we have a pop act that puts in so much effort and creativity to their performances. Little Mix always mix it up (ha, get it? no?). They always have some different thing happening to every single performance. Like when you hear Little Mix is performing, you know to expect a SHOW! 


They had so much background dancers and everyone was in sync. I loved the futuristic theme they all had going on. They didn’t have any playback during the chorus or for any verse for that matter. They sounded absolutely amazing. They looked so fierce. 


I loved the breakdown during the middle where they’re like “SHOUT TO MY EX” and then we have a crowd replying back saying “SHOUT OUT TO MY EX!” 


Honestly, everything was perfect in this performance as every Little Mix performance usually is. 


Oh and btw, I finally saw Little Mix live! I saw them on the Dangerous Woman Tour with Ariana. Youtube videos rarely do them justice. When you see them live, it’s a spiritual experience. Their vocals sound even better live and they’re so energetic. I love it. The best thing you guys did was recommend Little Mix to me. 

Performance: 6 out of 5 stars. 

PR or Damage Control 

Just like when I did the Get Weird review, Little Mix haven’t suffered a scandal since therefore they did not need any damage control. It’s not like they were seen snorting cocaine and their team shipped them off to Africa to make the general public forget. 

Since the lead single was “Shout Out To My Ex” and it contained the famous lyric “I hope she gettin better sex. Hope she ain’t fakin it like I did,” we were asked to expose how Little Mix used Zayn for promotion. 


Now you all know how much we love exposing. I don’t care if I like you, if you did some shady shit, you’re getting exposed. And I think I qualify for a degree in catching shade considering I’ve been following up with how Selena Gomez shaded Justin Bieber and even went to lengths of making a video about it that has almost 100k views on youtube. 

However in this scenario, Little Mix didn’t do anything shading Zayn. Of course all 4 girls were asked about their exes hence the topic of the song, but most of the time Perrie didn’t even say something. I know when they won that BRIT (Congrats to them btw!), Jade accepted the award and said 


and I guess that could be counted as shade, but I mean there are 4 of them with 4+ exes. If they wanted the publicity from that direction, they could have had Perrie say something petty like that one time Taylor Swift pulled that shit with Harry Styles. And as far as I’m aware, Perrie was the only who dated Zayn, and for the most part she really didn’t say anything about him. 

On top of that, it’s not like Zayn’s personal life is that relevant to anyone. Most people find him and Gigi annoying and that PR was talked about in a different post. All I know is that if it was some other celebrity who released Shout Out To My Ex, they would have dragged their exes to filth. All Little Mix did was deliver A+ performances every time minus the shade, but plus the sassiness. 


Final thoughts: Glory Days is the definition of pop perfection. It is filled with timeless pop tunes, one excellent ballad, fierce bangers, and confident vibes. All songs have a fresh element to it and that is why I believe Little Mix continuing stepping up the pop game. The pop music industry can get very boring and repetitive quickly, but Little Mix continue to prove that they change it up every step of the way. You won’t listen to a Little Mix album and think that you’ve heard the same elements somewhere else.

5 out of 5 stars. 

What do you want us to review next? Let us know!






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